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    Snippets make project unstable

    Teri White Level 1

      In RH 7.0 we have a moderate sized project (1200 topics) that has 100 Snippets.  Many of these snippets are full screen-sized tables, with links to other topics and outside URLs.  There are small images too.


      The project has become unstable and all the normal debugging avenues have been exhausted.   "Unstable" means that it takes forever to open and two people can't open it at all...the hour glass just keeps turning.


      If I remove all the snippets the project is stable. - remove is 'just the snippet", leaving its code in place in the topic.

      If I leave all the small non-table snippets and remove the large ones, its stable.


      Are there limits for snippets?  Can't have links?  Can't have images?  Can't be over a certain size?  It appears to be something along these lines but we need to figure it out to move forward safely.


      If anyone has any concrete suggestions they would be very welcomed!  Thank you!