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    Stratus client working fine, but I want to simulate a "firewall" - what traffic to block?

    amn Level 1

      I have a sort of redundant application, in the sense that it will always attempt to migrate a pair of Flash Media Server connected clients communicating with each other on to a Stratus service assisted connection, so that our FMS server can take a deep breath once in a while. With this logic, it will only connect clients incapable of communicating using Stratus service.

      I can see that Stratus does a very good job of setting up peer-2-peer connections, even with firewalls. Certainly a great functionality!


      It is because of this, I want to simulate a scenario where one client cannot communicate with the other. I have read a bit on the ports here, and have tried to set up a rule which makes a firewall for one of the clients (both are on a LAN) deny all inbound UDP packets on ports > 1024.


      But, still peer connection succeeds.


      What rules would I need to make one or both peers incapable to connect to one another, WHILE connecting to Stratus (I need the 'nearID' values obviously to try to connect) itself?