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    data model problem

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      I have the following snippet of code in my Flex app:


      model.userStatus = new ArrayCollection(event.result as Array);

      model.userStatusSel = new ArrayCollection(event.result as Array);


      addAlltoFilterList = new Object();

      addAlltoFilterList.CustCnt = 1;

      addAlltoFilterList.UserStatCnt = 0;

      addAlltoFilterList.UserStatus = "All";

      model.userStatusSel.addItemAt(addAlltoFilterList, 0);


      The problem is when I add the word “All” to model.userStatusSel it also gets added to model.userStatus.  Can anybody tell me why or how I can add the word "All" to one datamodel but not the other one???  I am using this data in a combobox on several different forms.  In one place I use it as a filter and want the word "All" to appear.  On a different form I am using it as user selected data input and don’t want the word "All" to appear.  Thanks in advance for the help!!!


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