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    Help with project/folder setup for new flex project??


      Hello all,

        I need help deciding how to set up my projects for a new flex application we're developing.


      • We have an in-house custom java/jsp "framework". This framework has JSP pages for administering applications that are built using this framework. One part of the framework generates all java base and model objects from our database tables to be used in the new application.
      • The new application will have a back-office part (Adobe AIR) and a web facing part (Adobe Flex).  Both the AIR and Flex parts of the application need to access the java model objects via AS3 classes (I believe I'll do this using remoteobject).


      My questions are as follows:


      1. After I create the base and model AS3 classes that remoteobject with the java classes can I put these in a common library project so both my AIR and Flex app can access common AS3 code.  I feel I should do this to keep from duplicating code by copying the AS3 classes in both my AIR and Flex projects.  Can you give my any examples or links to information on how to do this??
      2. I plan to also create a common java project for all base and model objects generated from my db tables so that the common library project with AS3 classes could remoteobject interface with the java classes in the java project. I would like to keep all of my business logic in the java model classes.  Does this seem appropriate for the projects/setup listed above?


      Here are the projects I think I need in Flex Builder.




      JavaApp - Common

      AS3FlexLibraryApp - Common


      The FlexWebApp and AIRBackOfficeApp will reference the AS3FlexLibraryApp and the AS3FlexLibraryApp will remoteobject to the java classes in JavaApp.


      Any help or direction with this is greatly appreciated.