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    How do I assemble PDF's into a newsletter


      I publish a small magazine and want to assemble the pdf's I created so I can email the magazine. I've done it before, but my computer crashed and when I had the hard drive replaced, even though I still have InDesign CS3, I can't figure it out. I don't know if I'm in the right place, but I thought I would start here and maybe somebody can either help me or send me to the right place. Thanks in advance. Joann

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          Paul Cracknell Level 3

          Hi Joann


          To add pages to an open PDF go to Document > Insert Pages... navigate to the PDF you want to add and specify what pages and where they should sit in the document.


          Another visual way to add new pages is through the Page Tab (sidebar left of your application window). If you reveal this tab you will see thumbnails of the current PDF you have open. You can drag pages from other PDFs (from their page tab) between documents. Also rearranging the position of pages by dragging is possible.