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    BUG!: Linkage Identifier errors on publish

    test1man Level 1

      I apologize that I can't send "exact steps to replicate" because this issue seems completely random and comes and goes. Basically I have several assets that have the "update on puplish" checked so that I can keep all my icons and things in-sync across my files.


      Every now and then when I'm publishing a file it will suddenly throw up a bunch of "linkage identifier" errors and there is almost no way to get rid of them.


      This is caused because for instance I have a folder titled "icons" and then another titled "ui" but when I publish it suddenly tries to create another "icons" folder inside the "ui" folder and then import duplicate versions of several of my assets which causes the error.


      This is not something I can consistently as there seems to be no rhyme or reason about when it decides to do this. I could publish a file 5 times without changing a thing and then the 6th time it will do it. That is just an example because it doesn't actually do it on the 6th time but you get the point.


      Anyone else have this issue or ideas at all about what causes this or how I can prevent/fix it from happening. I had the same issue with CS3 and it's happened on multiple computers.