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    Rollover: image change + text add?

    bamaurer Level 1

      I am very new to Dreamweaver, and what I thought would be very straight-forward is becoming less so quickly! I thought I would post to ask if what I am looking for is possible, or rather – get some direction on what to research in order to acheive it.


      Attached is an image typical of my site. I have large buttons consisting of a large button with a title in it. Now, what I would "prefer," is that when you mouse over this area, the copy (set as actual copy, not an image) appears – by copy i mean the descriptor text.


      I understand basic rollovers, but am not sure how to achieve this, or what to research to find out. Essentially – if i place an image in a table, can I place text over it and achieve this effect?


      ANY advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am continuing with my tutorials, however would love to know nexactly what to learn to make this happen quicker. Thanks in advance!Picture 1.png