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    Smarter, stronger shapes - or, editable corner radius


      Vector shapes have been around in Photoshop since when?! A long time right!


      I want to draw a vector shape rectangle, and then say, no I really want a 5 pixel radius on those corners, wait, no, make that 3 pixels but only the top left/right corners.  And then I want to be able to scale that vector shape and maintain the 3 pixel radius.


      Why can't we edit the corner radius on an already drawn shape. This is 2010, the simplest editors can do so (hello Acorn!).

      Would love to see the ability to spin the corners from square to a radius. Please?

      I've used Photoshop since 1.0 ... migrated from Digital Darkroom. I'm sad to say it's these simple things that are lost in the current behemoth. Admittedly I don't use it like perhaps a core of your customers but I'm finding solace in convenient features.