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    Using Reader 9.0 customization wizard to change enterprise install


      I recently deployed Adobe Reader 9.3 to Windows Server 2003 sp1 Citrix Terminal Servers.  In reading best practices I went with the option to disable and lock from viewing PDF files in a browser.  I created a transform file for the install and used SMS to push the install and everything worked fine.  We have found that there is a need on the terminal servers for users to open pdf files within a browser.  I would like to push out a new install with a revised transform file that will modify the current Adobe Reader setting on the terminal servers.  I need the    Display PDF in a browser   option in Reader 9.3.0 to not be grayed out and checked.  I have created a revised transform file and pushed it out, but it does not change the install.  I am using the microsoft installed.  My original command line for the install was msiexec /i acroreadt.msi /TRANSFORMS=acroread-tservers.mst /qn /log c:\windows\acroread9.log.  To update the installation I used the same command line but had a different transform file, possibly a new .msi.  It did not change anything....Can I do this?  Should it work?  Is there something I am doing wrong?