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    Major Issue/Error with fps of Imported Sequences in CS4

    Jeff Burford

      Hello, I am in German, PAL Norm, currently using the latest update of Premiere Pro CS4, and regardless of using PAL Presets, or AJA-SD PAL Presets, the fps associated with sequencial Imports of Image Files switches to 29,97 fps insteading of using a 25fps PAL Frame Rate.


      I some testing, I have noticed that the majority of the time when importing Sequences with a PAL Resolution, it predominately stays at 25 fps, but anytime the Frame is smaller or larger, that it seems Premiere instead trys to intrepret or rationalize that it is not a PAL Frame Rate, but rather bumps it 29,97 fps in the Project Window causing major problems, when importing a massive number of sequencials into a Project.


      If this was After Effects, I would edit the text file for how things are intrepreted, but so far, I do not find any area where I could edit the figure to force all Imported Sequences of Images to come in at 25 fps.


      Anyone else seeing this, and can anyone or Adobe help with this Issue?


      Jeff Burford

      Frankfurt am Main, German