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    What am I missing???

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      I am pretty sure this might be obvious, but I am missing the issue. I
      have a navigation with two submenu buttons which are of different
      height. One is 20 the other 30. Under the menu I have a line which get
      set into place by its padding. So I have two way to style that line
      depending on what sub menu button is on that page. The lines get styled
      like this:

      #line_03 {
      padding: 6px 0 0 0;
      margin: 0;
      #line_04 {
      padding: 16px 0 0 0;
      margin: 0;

      Using line_04 it works, while line_03 does not.
      The pages are here:

      For line_03

      For line_04

      What is wrong? Am I just missing something? I am baffeled because they
      seem to be the same, but one works while the other does not. One just
      has 10 more pixels, but generally is the same thing, right?

      Thank you for any help!