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    AME Won't Render QuickTime


      Windows 7 Pro x64

      Premiere Pro 4.2.1


      QuickTime 7.6.5


      AME starts to render, and after a few seconds it "finishes" prematurly and puts a green checkmark next to the item in the queue, yet no video file is being output. I checked both the error log and the encoding log, and they both read as if everything went fine, so nothing in the logs helps to identify the problem.


      I'm using all of the latest point releases of everything involved. AME simply refuses to render a QuickTime. I've tried every QT video codec including CD/DCVPRO - NTSC. None of them work. Rendering other file formats works just fine, but I need a QuickTime. I know a lot of folks are anti-QT, and may suggest I simply use a different format, but this is for my portfolio website and QT is pretty much a standard that I know employers won't have problems playing in their web browser. I'm not looking for a debate on this point, I just need a solution so I can render a QuickTime out of AME.


      I've see a TON of discussions in these forums on this EXACT issue, but I haven't seen solution that works for me.

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Does your exported sequence start with a still image or a Pr synthetic (title, bars and tone, black video, etc.)?



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            dustinbrown Level 1

            Hi Jeff,


            Thanks for the reply. I saw that suggestion in another thread. I've tried process of elimination to the extreme. I deleted everything in my sequence, and added one clip to the beginning of video track 1. It's just a short and simple PNG sequence. AME won't even render that ten second clip to a QuickTime.


            Again, thanks for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it.



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              Matt Petersen Level 3

              Tried completely un-installing QT, restarting, re-installing latest QT?



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                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                Matt's advice is good.  You may even have to switch to a newer or an older version of QT.


                As another quick test, can you try to export a regular video clip (not an image sequence) as QT file?  What happens?



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                  dustinbrown Level 1

                  Again, thanks for taking the time to try and help, guys. I really appreiate your sugestions. I just tried both of your reccomendations.


                  - uninstalled QT

                  - rebooted the computer

                  - reinstalled latest QT

                  - cleared everything out of my Premiere sequence and added an AVI video to the beginning (no PNGs this time)


                  It still won't render a QuickTime.


                  I should mention, I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 and all of my design software two days ago, so everything should be clean in terms of certain temp files getting corrupted over time and what not. I also just went throught the Premiere Troubleshooting Wiki, but unfortunately none of the suggestions there resolved the issue.

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                    Jeff Bellune Level 5

                    Your results indicate something is wrong with the OS, with Pr or with QT.  The bug I was worried about was fixed in 4.2, but it was worth checking out anyway.


                    I would uninstall QT, roll back to a 7.5 version or thereabouts, and try again.


                    Any 3rd-party hardware involved here?



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                      dustinbrown Level 1

                      Got it resolved. On the troubleshooting Wiki, it says don't use network drives. Earlier, I had changed where I was loading my project to a local drive, but I had forgotten to change my render output directory to local. Once I did that, AME exported to QuickTime just fine. I hope this helps someone.


                      I'm in the habit of using a network drive from working in 3ds Max, and setting up network rendering. I'll just have to remember that Premiere doesn't like it.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Though I have not heard much lately, QT 7.5.5 was a "known good" version. There were at least two in the 7.6.x range, that just did not work with Adobe products. I believe that Apple still has an archive of older versions. Last time I looked, one had to really poke around to find it. Once, it was prominently displayed on the QT Main Page.


                        Good luck,