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    Is it possible to open an item within a Flex app that is already open?


      Hope that title didn't sound confusing.  Essentially, there is a email list with a bunch of links.  When you click on a link, it will open the Flex app and go to the appropriate page with the company info.  I essentially add header info and use the ExternalInterface.call to read the URL.


      Now the problem is that there are a BUNCH of links.  So if I like on the first link, cool it works.  If I click on the 2nd link, it will open a new window (and Flex app).  This isn't user friendly.  The Flex App uses a tabbed interface, so it would be neat if I could add another company info tab on the spot.


      So I need to somehow send a message to my Flex App to create a new tab from a link clicked on an html email.  I think the steps would be (if possible)


      1) Find out if the Flex App is already open

      2) Open a new tab based on the URL.


      Is there any way of accomplishing this with the sandbox and all?  Hope I made things clear.