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    Is there a "master page" in contribute?

    NHoekstra0308 Level 1

      I created a website in a basic software program, and now edit/manage it using Adobe Contribute. I want to update the side bar table with all the links for the site, and this obviously needs to take affect on ALL pages; not just one. Is there a "master page" that I can edit particular items that are on all pages at once or do I have to edit every single page individually?

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          CVK-USA Level 1

          Contribute by itself has no such "master page", you'll have to make this change manually page by page for every page affected. If you use Contribute in combination with Dreamweaver, you could set up a master page - or in Dreamweaver terminology a ".dwt template" to make this possible. The actual change of the template, however, would still have to be done in Dreamweaver and not Contribute.