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    Two image Link questions

    abeall Level 3

      I have two questions relating to image Links:


      1. Is it possible to create links which are relative? I have all my linked assets (PSDs and JPGs) in a subdir of the dir which the AI file is in, named "assets." It seems that the links are using an absolute path, which is a problem because I have the same drive mapped on several computers as different drive letters, so that asset paths break.


      2. When you have multiple instances of the same linked image, it creates multiple link entries. The problem is that I want to embed the image and have all instances use a single embedded image, how can I do this?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You ca ask as many questions as you wish in any thread but are only entitled to one answer for the admission price, which is no!.


          However the trick you are looking for is to embed the image in one instance and make the image a symbol and use instances of the image.


          Also embedded images can not be auto updated as can a embedded image.


          What to do then. Have  a linked version of the embedded image in the file and turn it's visibility off. Have another instance as the symbol.


          If you need to update  turn on the visibility go to the links panel and select it and then edit the original save and close the linked image in Photoshop.


          Now it will update in Illustrator. Copy it to the clip board then bring an instance of the symbol version of the image into isolation mode

          use guides to mark the position of the symbols image position in Isolation mode. then delete the symbols image and paste the linked  file from the clip board then embed that update image. All instance of the symbol will update when you exit isolation mode.


          One thing remember if you are using different sizes of the image you should really size each size in Photoshop giving the all their dimension with the same ppi. Because when you scale an image inAI it changes the dimensions but not the file size.


          I know you did not ask for this but I thought I give a more complete answer in case needed to update the imageat sometime.


          The answer to one is no.

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            abeall Level 3

            Thanks Wade, these are great tips and I appreciate it!


            I like the symbol idea. In the meantime actually found that if I just went through all instances of an asset in the Links panel and converted them to embed on at a time, it seemed to only embed the asset once. I'm only guessing this based on filesize. The embedded assets are quite large (I'm working on a 24"x80" banner) so it was easy to spot when a new embedded asset got saved to the AI file. I was only embedding so that handoff to the printer would be easier, since the first problem would also cause all links to break for him (though I'm sure it would not be difficult for him to fix the links.)


            Guess I will file an enchancement request for number one!



            - Aaron

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              You could be correct, the info could be stored in the packages which is actually the directory that makes the application what it is.