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    xcmuddman Level 1

      i am using dynamic text boxes with variables to display text through the ".text" function...


      i am trying to display the degree    º    symbol...  but just simply writing  º  in my action script does not recognize it....


      any input?


      i know in HTML the special symbols have their own special identifiers...






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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          unescape the url-encoded degree symbol.

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            xcmuddman Level 1

            Sorry KGLAD... not sure what you mean by this...


            Im on a Mac if that matters at all...


            tried to render text as HTML,but i dont think that is what you meant... i didnt see any "special characters" options like there is in DreamWeaver...


            where should i look?


            - pat

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              in flash:


              tf.text = "the freezing point of water is 32"+unescape("%ba")+" fahrenheit";

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                xcmuddman Level 1

                thank you KGLAD...i got your code working directly out of a new flash file, but not from the one i am working on...

                maybe my variables are preventing it to work???


                here is what i have:


                Selected=" ";
                Text="HEADING\n 128.8 MAG\n LAT LONG\n 41"+unescape("%ba")+"21N 072+unescape("%ba")+"33W";



                this displays everything but the º symbol...


                thank you, KGLAD.



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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  you have to use a font that has a degree symbol.  not all of them do.

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                    xcmuddman Level 1

                    im using Arial... it shows up when not in a movie clip, but inside one, even if i specify


                    mc_tf.tf.text="32"+unescape(%"ba")+" F";


                    it does not work....

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                      kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      there's nothing special about having a textfield in a movieclip unless you're embedding (or, need to embed) your font when in that movieclips and otherwise, not.

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                        xcmuddman Level 1

                        KGLAD...im still working on the symbols part, but another issue arose...


                        do you have any insight on creating a timeout command on the timeline if the user does not click on any button?


                        I have certain  spots in my timeline where i want a time-out to occur after 5 seconds of  the user not clicking anywhere or doing anything.



                        I am familiar with  mouse-listener functions... but only used them for something that i was  going to make timeout after an already pre-determined time limit... not governed by the user's actions...



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                          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          you can use the setTimeout() and/or the setInterval() functions.