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    Webpage Scrolling challenge in CS4


      Being new to the webpage design world, I have accidently removed or modified some script that has now stopped my webpages from 'scrolling', either with a mouse (scrolling over the page) or via the vertical scrollbar (which are not there any more).


      Additionally, I now see my 'google ads' appearing at the top of each page instead of the lower section of each page. These may be two separate challenges, the latter I could repair by deleting its content, though this does not help me in understanding why it has occurred.


      I have spent many hours trying to retrace my steps to no avail and ask for someone kind enough to share their wisdom with 'dobo here' in helping me with a fix.


      My example webpage is http://www.puremajek.com/antifoul.html


      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance