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    Still having problems: "File Import Failure"


      Hi All,

      I am still having problems transferring clips to Time Line or Project window of CS4 or PPro1.5. I could copy all clips from the Sony Clip Browser(SXS Memory Card Reader) to HardDrive(not C:\drive). But when I drag clips from Hard Drive to Project Window, it says "File Import Failure" and file format (.MP4)not supported. The file shows like this:




      I really would appreciate if anyone could help me from the basics..I was trying this for the last 2weeks..I have uninstalled AdobeCS4 and installed PPro1.5. Still no difference.


      My machine is a Dell 2.8GHz, 2GB DDR2RAM, plenty of internal and external HDD spaces.


      Hope some one out there might help me with step by step procedure to get it going...


      I don't know what to do now..