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    Shifting entire site file structure! (and other issues!!)


      Hi Folks


      I've been working on a totally new look for my site and have pretty much finished it off. in my site file structure within my httpdocs folder I have my current index page and associated files, also within here I have a folder called Beta2 which is home to my new site (within this is the entire new file structure).


      Now I'm ready to launch the 'new' site, but how do I get all the files from the Beta2 file to the main httpdocs folder without buggering all the links up!

      Every time I've tried so far all my includes fail and all the links become defunct.

      I should point out I'm not running a test server all my testing is online so I have a local copy of the file structure and an online copy.


      On a slightly different point (an html one) can anyone work out why including this - <span id="msgbox" style="display:none"> in my form causes it to stop submitting! (it calls up a box displaying if the entered membershipno already exists or not, the function works fine, and the form submits fine, but when you put the two together only the function works, the forms doesn't submit!)


      <p>Membership Number :

          <input name="membershipno" type="text" id="membershipno" maxlength="7" />


          <p><span id="msgbox" style="display:none"></span></p>