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    n00bie font aliasing question

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      Sorry for such the beginner question but I wasn't able to find this answer in the docs....


      I have a Captivate preso with some caption text that is not publishing cleanly, giving me either jagged edging or, when I go into Edit>Prefs>Swf Size and Quality and select Anti-Alias Transparent Captions then the text appears smooth but it is then somewhat garbled; yes its cleaner and smoother but the spacing between each letter is slightly off and the appearance is almost too fuzzy.


      I tried going into Control Panel>Display>Appearance>Effects>Use the following method to smooth screen fonts: I tried both Clear and Standard and it didn't seem to make a difference when I published my presentation in either mode.


      I should mention that I'm running Captivate inside of Parallels on my MacBook Pro using Windows XP. I'm using plain old Arial font so I doubt there's any substituting and I get no messages or warnings indicating such.


      Am I missing a simple font setting somewhere? An export setting?


      Thanks in advance, and I can't wait for the Mac version to come out!



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Rich


          Indeed it's an issue reported by many. And it does seem that you are on the right track.


          Question here. What sort of captions are you using? Adobe Red? Adobe Blue? Stuff like that or are they the Transparent captions that are dealing you fits.


          I ask because if you don't like the way your standard captions appear (once you try with the Font Smoothing both off and then on to compare differences) then there likely isn't much you may do about it. But if it's only related to the Transparent Caption type, you have hope. Well, hopefully... (pun intended)


          Cheers... Rick



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            richardELeach Level 1

            Thanks for your response!


            I'm using one large haloblue caption as a background for my slides (it suits the look that I need and for some reason seems to be much cheaper in bandwidth than anything I can build in Photoshop then import....) and on top of that caption are the rest of my individual text captions which are set to transparent. To be honest not a single typed character looks "normal"; but as it stands I could probably settle for it, and if it really irks me than I will create images of the text and bring them in from Photoshop. Again, I'm very bandwidth concious since all of my presos are headed for web delivery....


            Thanks again, and I really appreciate your input.