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    PE7 and 'missing Codec'




      I have been using PE1 for years, have upgraded to PE7 recently.

      Editing previously ripped mpg file has been troubl4e free. However, today I captured new avi files, using PE7, from my Sony DV camera into a new project. This video played fine during capture but now, as I pull them into the timeline I get "This file type is not supported, or the required codec is not installed".


      Please help.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          This is very odd. The DV-AVI uses the MS DV CODEC, which is installed with the OS (there were some versions of Vista, that MS removed their regular CODEC's from, but did offer a Vista CODEC pack on their site).


          As a test, download and install the great free utility, G-SPOT, and run one of these DV-AVI files through it. You should get the DV/DVC CODEC being listed, and "CODEC Installed." Please report what G-Spot tells you.


          Good luck,



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            andy1946569 Level 1

            Hi, will do. However I'm currently running 'repair' function from control panel, and may cleanse my registry aswell. I'll let you know.


            Regards, Andy

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              A Repair Install is a good move, when things go wrong. The one fear that I have is that PrE will only do an installation of the MPEG's and a few more. PrE relies on some "common CODEC's" that should be on all systems already.


              Now, one can add CODEC's to a system. If one is missing one of the common CODEC's from MS, then they should be available from the MS site. I had mentioned the "missing CODEC's" in some versions of Vista. For those, MS had a Vista CODEC pack available. I do not know the situation with Win7, and which CODEC's might, or might not be included and installed.


              Now, I am not a fan of adding CODEC's, until they are needed. I am not a fan of the free CODEC "packs," as too many install all sorts of "stuff," and much of it is not needed, will often overwrite good CODEC's, and some, like FFDShow can really mess up some Adobe programs. I try to go to the "source" for all necessary CODEC's. Given the choice between a free one, and one that I pay for, but comes from the company that wrote it, I get out my wallet. All too often, the free ones are hacked, or reverse-engineered versions of the commercial ones, and may not work well, if at all. Now, there are some great CODEC's, like the Lagarith Lossless, that are free from the source. Free is not a bad thing, but when there are free vs for pay from the source, you know where I will go - $.


              Good luck, and please report your success,



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                andy1946569 Level 1

                Ok.. Update time.


                The 'repair' didn't help.


                So I downloaded GSpot, can I send you a screen grab? I don't really know what the report means but I notice that it says that the video Codec is installed. What also confuses me is that my system was able to preview the clips during capture, video and audio, but PR7 is now claiming it can't read them.


                Anyway, the report is attached.




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                  andy1946569 Level 1

                  Bizarreness continues.....


                  If I capture into the timeline directly, as a single large clip, PR7 accepts the clip without a problem.

                  Therefore it must be something specifically to do with the manual process of dragging clips from the media window into the timeline???



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                    andy1946569 Level 1

                    I have solved it.... thanks for all your help Hunt.

                    The story is that in the last few hours I have changed the drive letter for my external HDD containing the video archive.

                    The clips are still in the library but not linking to the master clip cos of the letter change.

                    PR7 didn't help me when it threw up a 'missing codec' message, which sent me on a wild goose chase.


                    Anyway, thanks for your help on this.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Great news. At the very least, you now have a wonderful and useful utility, G-Spot. I could not be without it.


                      The error message was probably a miscommunication between the OS and PrE. PrE got an error message (location of the Assets), that it could not fully process, so it looked down its list of errors, and just said, "hey, maybe it's the old CODEC issue," and showed that. This happens all too often, especially with the authoring phase in PrE and also Encore.


                      Now, back to your G-Spot screen: I noticed that the Audio was 32HKz. Is that the output from your camera? The reason that I ask is that 32KHz material, even PCM/WAV (right choice there) can present issues. It would be better to use 48KHz, if at all possible. If not that, then the CD rate of 44.1KHz would be better than 32KHz. If that is the ONLY choice that you have, and you're not having Audio issues, just be patient, when you Import these files, as the necessary Conforming process might take longer - be patient, until that Conforming completes.


                      When using external HDD's, I strongly recommend going into the OS on any machine, that that HDD might be connected to, and setting a permanent drive letter to it. This MUST be done in the OS. I use a ton of FW-800 externals, and set their unique drive letter in the OS of each of my machine. I also started with drive letter Z:\ and worked backward. As my workstation has a lot of internal HDD's and burners, I did run out of letters, but because I label each external with its drive letter, know to NOT hook up both of my Z:\ drives at the same time. Other than that, no issues at all.


                      Having the same drive letter will also make certain that you do not Open a Project, and have PrE not be able to find the links in the .PREL file. When that happens, PrE will try to help you find the new location, but if it is likely to change on every boot up, you end up doing a lot of unnecessary work.


                      Good luck,



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                        I am also using PE 7 and cannot import digital TV shows that are saved on my hard drive using Windows Media Center.  I also get the error message "this type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed".  When using "G spot" the "codec is undetermined".  Is there a codec that will fix this problem or a patch??   Helppppp! Andrea

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          You can not edit digital movies in Premiere Elements, Andrea.


                          However, if you'll start a new thread and tell us what format your videos are in (AVI, MPEG, MP4, etc.), we'll be able to tell you how to convert them to an editable format.

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                            Andrealh Level 1

                            Thanks Steve.  After playing around with Windows Media Center I was able to find out that the TV shows are :   Audio Codec is  MPEG  audio decorder,  Video - Cyber link  video/sp decoder.  Does this help.  It doesn't mean a thing to me!!  Andrea


                            Don't know how to start a new thread.  This is all new to me

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              Go out to the main forum and click the Start a Discussion button to the right of the forum.


                              You may be able to use Super to convert that video to DV-AVIs, by the way. The FAQs to the right of this forum show you how.



                              Let us know if converting the file solves your problem in your new thread.