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    Best way to make a menu that shows up on all pages and that's easy to add links to later?

    RineyBree Level 1

      Hi everyone, first post on the forums.  I am very new to using Dreamweaver and making web pages in general, so bear with me


      Here's what I want to do:



      1. Make a web site with a menu bar on the left with about 30 links.

      2. All 30 links go to different pages on the same website, and each page has the exact same layout, only the body text is different (same placement of advertising, menu, etc.)

      3. I want to be able to add links to that menu quickly and easily.


      In other words, I basically want to just make one static menu that shows up the same  way on each page of my site.


      Now, how I am thinking is best to do this is to make one menu its own page (in its own frame??) and just have each page on my site link to that menu, so that whenever I want to update the menu, I don't have to update the static menu on each page of my website, only the one menu.html or whatever.


      This is probably the easiest thing in the world to do and I'm probably not using the proper terminology or anything, but I hope that I have explained myself clearly.


      Please respond if you have any ideas about how to accomplish this.  Thank you!