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    CS4 Vs. Vegas 9- Same hardware

    David Yopp

      I've been a Premiere user since version 4.  I'm used to the softwares quirks, and the layout... so the thought of changing... UGH!


      I used to do editing on a daily basis for FedEx, but now it's just a hobby.  Regardless, I've always gotten the Production Suite upgrades.  I recently purchased a Sony HDR-SR11 to shoot video of the fam, etc (once again, I'm now strictly a hobbiest, so I don't have any deadlines).


      I have to say that I'm less than impressed with CS4's handling of AVCHD files.  While I'm still able to do all of the editing I need, it's very clunky at best.


      OUT of curiousity, I got the trial version of Vegas9, just to see how well it would handle the same files on the SAME HARDWARE.  If my silly little quad core wasn't enough to handle the overhead of AVCHD files, I was willing to accept that and just deal with it.


      Even though I HATE trying to edit on Vegas 9 (it's just not intuitive, and that's probably because I'm so accustomed to the Premiere way of NLE) and the preview image is a bitt small for my liking, it still handles AVCHD files much better than CS4.  I could actually scrub the timeline and see more than one frame/sec.  It ALMOST reminded me of the old days of working with DV files.


      So my question is this... does anyone know what the addtional overhead is when dealing with CS4?  Is SONY just ahead of the game on this format?  If the latter is the case, I believe that Adobe will get it right eventually.  It took a few upgrades before they got DV working well, but when they got it, it worked beautifully.


      Lastly, I watched the video on the new "Mercury playback engine" and how "Absolutely" smooth it was when scrubbing the timeline.  Yeah, you also had a $1500.00 graphics card and 16 processing cores at your disposal.  That begs the question if Adobe is moving away from the hobbiests needs?  Because I just can't see investing that much money in a graphics card and processing power as a pure hobbyist.


      I'm not trying to stir up any sh*t with this post.  I'm truely an Adobe fan.  I love their integration between products, and I love being able to use their products to author my BluRay disks with very little headache.  Other than trying to edit AVCHD of course.


      D. Yopp

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you read Convert AVCHD to HDV for editing

          http://forums.adobe.com/thread/390605?tstart=0 ???
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            Jeff Bellune Level 6

            If I were Sony, and AVCHD was my baby (and it is), I would do anything and everything I could to make sure that AVCHD played back best on my hardware and my software.  Licensing only goes so far.  I know that smacks of "Conspiracy Theory", but it wouldn't be the first time that Sony played that game.


            Now it's rumored that a new version of Edius will play and edit native AVCHD very smoothly, but it's also rumored that even beyond MPE, software playback in the upcoming CS5 will also play back much better than before "on the same hardware".


            Vegas 9 now, Edius #New soon (now?) and CS5 soon.  Might be a good time to wait and see.



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              David Yopp Level 1

              John, I just so happened to run across this past thursday..  I tried converting some files with all three of the programs he mentions in that thread this past week.  Too much trouble, too slow, don't want to spend the extra dollars.  The freeware would only convert certain clips.  It apparently didn't like the bitrate I was using (maxed out).


              Thanks for the idea though!


              Jeff, I agree.  I think there are some growning pains.  Just like their were with DV.  I have faith in Adobe, and I'm a fan of Sony electronics (I was a Betamax fan all the way up to my current PS3.  Love it), but I'm also aware of their propietary ways.


              I bet in 12-18 months there will be little talk of all this AVCHD headache.

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                With every new format history repeats it self.

                I remember my first dv camera it filmed in widescreen. WOW

                But no software to edit widescreen.

                I still have a dvd that can only be played on a widescreen tv............

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                  David Yopp Level 1

                  Yep.  Same here, Ann.  Well, you can watch it on a 4x3 TV if you want, but everyone is tall and skinny.