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    Dreamweaver and hosting


      Excuse me if this has been asked before, I didn't find a referrence.~.asp


      Looking for a hosting company, the two primary  choices have been (In order) justhost and lunapages. It seems if .asp is used, then it must be Lunapages and it's $9.95 verse $2.95. I'm looking for a basic personal .com development with the idea of building into a business later.


      From all appearances Dreamweaver .asp constitutes a "Windows" package?


      I'm inclined to use basic html and CSS as my current needs are so minor, I do use several code languages, but I don't use or want to deal with the security issues and constant required updates of .php. So, using Dreamweaver is it realistic to devleop an html / CSS site base, via a hosting company?



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          mhollis55 Level 4

          You did not find a reference probably because you were asking too complex a question for the search engine to apprehend your inquiry.


          HTML and CSS are supported by all web hosts. Period. If all you are doing is HTML and CSS, find the cheapest site and have it done -- but don't use GoDaddy for hosting because your website won't load quickly.


          With respect to language support, the majority of web hosts support php. The reason is because it's FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and free is cheaper than anyone else's software, save free.


          If you are using .ASP, you must have a Windows Server. It's proprietary. It's Microsoft. And you can get a good development environment from them, I think.


          If you are using Cold Fusion, it's Adobe. It's proprietary. It will run on Windows, Mac and, I think, Unix/Linux. I am unsure if it will run on Microsoft's latest server technology. Cold Fusion is pretty cool, but after setting up a testing server and trying it out, I quickly found out that no web hosting service wanted to host my CF code for the price I am able to pay.


          I'm still learning php and it does work. Code I wrote last year is still working today. I would imagine it will work in the future. I do not see php code as, somehow, compromising the server I post it on. Since it does not download to the browser's computer, it stays put. The only security issue I can see with php is that someone could guess your userid and password on your server and then do something malicious to your server.


          Solutions to that are really simple: Use strong passwords that people cannot guess. Use good logins and don't use the same one for each website you build.


          I'm using Inmotion Hosting. They are very good and I can recommend them, but they're not free. But you do get awesome technical support from them.

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            Robert Heist II Level 3

            As for ASP(.NET), DW no longer supports it as a server-side development language.  So, if you do ASP(.NET) you will be coding it by hand in the code view if you use DW.


            However, it doesn't sound like you really need any server-side language support at this time.  HTML and CSS are both client side and therefore not an issue of what hosting service you have.  As is the case with (most) JavaScript.  I would suggest you not worry about server-side coding support at this point.  If you later decide you need ASP.NET or PHP or even ColdFusion, you can see if your hosting service provides for that language then, or simple change hosts.


            As for hosting services, I very much like JustHost.  Their tech support is excelent and very timely.  They also support PHP if you ever get to the point of needing it (and I agree with mhollis that there isn't really any more of a security issue from PHP than there is from running ASP.NET since you would have to be on a Windows platform in the later case).  If you are interested in ColdFusion since it is the easiest server-side language to initially learn, I would recommend checking out Chicago Webs ( chicagowebs.com ).  They cost more than JustHost or other budget hosting services (starting at $20/mo), but they support virtually anything you can ask for...well except JSP.  *chuckle*


            So there's my 2 cents.

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              bregent Most Valuable Participant

              >The only security issue I can see with php is that

              >someone could guess your userid and password

              >on your server and then do something malicious to your server.


              Someone can guess your login credential on any type of host account and do damage, so php really isn't a problem in that respect.


              There are many types of security issues that come into play with any scripting languages. If you don't know what you are doing, you can end up writing code that is easily exploitable  - sql injection, XSS, email injection, ect.

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                Top_Side Level 1

                That was quicker than expected


                I do use server side and MSSQL, I don't want to get complicated with the same at home. Essentially I was unprepared for the 'Options' presented for hosting and want to keep it simple, I do many code formats and inherited a couple of PHP, really didn't want to bother going down yet another language path, I have enough already; though it does seem hosting is defintely geared to "Free."


                Also seems like HostGator might provide the widest selection, inclusive of the MS side? Obviously my real problem is not creating or managing a site, but the unfamiliarity with hosting schemes and relevant costs to a need, which of course is no small thing.


                Appreciate all the responses, thought I would have this nailed down today only to find I needed more help than I first thought. Actually I don't have Dreamweaver at home as yet and use CS3 at work, for comfort purposes I was going to spring for a home copy depending on how this pans out.


                Perhaps either justhost for simplitic or hostgator for either? Why is justhost $2.95 and others in the 'Top Ten' ~While others go far higher, what is the realistic middle ground for a host server up time and support? Twenty dollars a month is a lot different to three dollars for similiar service.


                Sorry if there are three questions here, but after checking into this I find the mire deeper than expected.



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                  Robert Heist II Level 3

                  One thing about justhost is you will only get the $3 rate if you sign up for something like a 3 year package...and you have to prepay it all.  Nice to not have to worry about it again for so long, and they do have a money back guarantee that reviewers said they lived up to BUT I didn't go with that long a contract so I end up spending something like $6/mo with a 12 mo contract.  That does include free domain registrating, for your first domain.  I have to pay $15/year for a second and third on one account.


                  Like I said, they do have excellent support and I have had no trouble with their uptime.  They also use cPanel, a very standard account management interface and it has loads of add-ins.  I am using Joomla on one site, and PHPlist (for email newsletters) on another.  I have enjoyed my experience with them.