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    Data merge and hyperlink script


      I am using a data merge and have a field that is a text string that happens to be a hyperlink path and I need that text string to appear after the merge, and the text string to hyperlink to the destination described by the text string path?


      Not possible with data merge alone, but probably scriptable after the merge. Any pointers who I should talk to about scripting this procedure? Alternatively, what are the any keywords or code snippets I should search for?

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          You need to make sure you can identify the strings to convert to hyperlinks. I'm not a Data Merge user, but you probably can insert a unique identifier before and after the string which you can use to search for the links (in the general gest of {this-is_a_link}, if you are not using braces anywhere else), or perhaps a unique paragraph (when on a single line) or character style.


          Then, after merging, you can run a script that searches for this specific attribute, and converts them to a link.