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    Problems loading swf's into a swf loader

    janineabc Level 1



      I have created a sliding image reel that has buttons and so when you click on one it slides across to the next...


      This all works fine in the swf. however when i pull it in via my swf loader into my main page, the movie clip buttons will not work.


      It doesnt even recognise them as anythink that you can click on.


      The buttons dont have script on them as it works via the instant name and then the script is on main scroll and works via the X and Y values telling it where to move. if you get me?.


      Ive have tryed alsorts on this, like turning them into buttons, however as the script is not on the button then its not being told to do anythink.


      any ideas how i can sort this out???


      have a uni deadline coming up and im not the best at flash.