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    How to prevent my slide from advancing?

    kfidei Level 1

      Hi - how do I prevent my slide from advancing?  I have a text caption at the top, then 2 images, each with click boxes over them.  And then there are 2 text captions below - one underneath each image.  I also added a next button to try to stop the slide from advancing.


      I set the action on each click box to show the text caption below the image when the click box is clicked.  So here's what happens:

      - the slide plays, then stops

      - user clicks either one of the images (is actually clicking the click box on top of the image), and

      - then the slide start playing again and then eventually all the objects disappear (timing on the slide is about 17 seconds).


      How do I get all the objects to just stay on the slide, until the user clicks the next button on the skin?  I had thought the Next button would do that, but it's not (and I don't want a next button on there anyway).