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    Importing Flash .fla files

    Daniel Pride Level 1

      I am taking over a client who has a .fla site with several fancy "Ribbon","Bubbles", and "Stripes" transitions I want to import.

      Is it easier to just edit it in Flash or to Bring it into Flash builder?

      I would like to at least bring in the original parts into Flash Builder beta 2.

      Working in Flash Beta 2 until the release.

      Dan Pride

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          FTQuest Level 3



          The solution depends on what you want to do with these Flash files. If they are going to be self-contained with minimal communication with the main application you can simply use SWFLoader and listen to the events by: SWFLoader.content.addEventListener(...).

          If you plan more specialized interaction with these SWFs then you want to create custom event class and dispatch custom event(s) from the SWF and listen to them in the main application in the same way.




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            Daniel Pride Level 1

            Its mostly a bunch of photos and transitions.

            I was hoping to be able to take the transitions and use them in Flash Builder. It sounds like I am better off just rebuilding it in Flash Builder???