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    Audio doesn't export with the video.


      I am using Premiere CS4 to edit a group of clips together (a couple of them with audio.) I can hear the sound when I play them on the premiere file but not once it is exported.


      My audio settings are: AAC, mono, 48khz, high, and the export audio checkbox turned on. I also tried with AAC version 1 and 2 but got the same results.

      The video codec I'm using is H.264, if that matters at all, but I tried quicktime too and it didn't work either.


      Any ideas what might be the problem or what am I missing?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Now, in your Export settings, you state that Audio and Video are both checked. Is that correct? What is the Multiplexing set to? [It's usually the third tab in the dialog screen, but is pretty obvious.] If Multiplexing is set to None, then you likely got two elemental/elementary streams. Check in the destination folder.


          I assume that you are on a Mac, hence the AAC. Is that correct? What OS?


          Good luck,



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            arianiamtion2 Level 1

            I solved this by importing the project into AE and rendering there, which leads me to believe the problem is with Premiere since I have done it like this before without issues. I would reinstall it to check but I can't since it is a school computer so I guess this will have to do.


            And to answer your questions, yes, they are checked, the multiplex is none and I don't think there are two streams.
            I am on Windows XP.


            Thanks for your time.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Especially with a lab computer, my guess would be that someone changed the Audio and/or Multiplexing settings, from what you had been using, and this was what you encountered.


              I've done it to myself a few times. Normally, I am Exporting just the Video, and then just the Audio. Not long ago, I did a test with muxed Audio & Video, and forgot that quick Export. Back to my Project, and I went to do my normal Exports - woops! I got one muxed file. It was my setting that, and forgetting about it. Simple fix - Audio-only and Video-only with Multiplexing set to None. Your experience was just the opposite of mine, as you DID want a muxed file.


              Next time on that computer, check both the Audio checkbox, and the Video checkbox, plus the Multiplexing tab. Depending on what the previous user needed, they have probably been reset.


              Still, glad that you got what you needed out of AE. Some users like the Export from AE for certain formats, and do that as their normal workflow.


              Good luck,



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                I'd like to tag onto this.  I have been getting .wmv exports out of CS4 with video and no audio.  There are no multiplexing issues, audio export box is checked, audio tracks on timeline are turned on.  I have found that if the timeline is pre-rendered, the audio exports properly, either separately or along  with the video as established in the export settings.  Do not pre-render the timeline and there will be no audio export.  Any ideas anyone?  This obviously should not be.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I have not observed, nor read of this, and agree that it is odd behavior.


                  Rendering should not affect Export (especially of the Audio), so I would wonder if there is something different with the Project/Sequence Preset, or with the source footage. In the cases, where you have observed this behavior, can you take a moment and just list the Preset and Asset description. I'm just curious why this is happening.


                  Good luck, and thanks for reporting,



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                    gcs01 Level 1

                    Bill, I assume you are referring to the audio presets.


                    Sequence preset is set at 48000 Hz.

                    Audio files are 44100 Hz files ripped from CDs, some as .mp3, some as .wav.

                    Export settings are typically 48000 Hz.


                    That mismatch of the settings shouldn't cause a problem as I've not had problems in the past, although this may be my first effort in exporting audio out of CS4.  Also, I have had the same audio export failures with my export setting at 44100 Hz, both as .wav and multiplexed .wmv.


                    Curiosity has got me as well.



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                      gcs01 Level 1

                      I thought I recalled reading something when CS4 was first released that indicated that its codecs process files differently than in the past and therefore it would be more critical in CS4 to keep all of your presets and sources matching more closely.  That in combination with Bill's comments got me thinking that there was probably something to it.  It prompted me to run some quick :30 tests on new projects with the same issues.


                      I used both 48 & 44.1 project presets, 44.1 .mp3 and .wav source files, and 48 & 44.1 export presets.  I also threw a video track on there for comparison sake.  I expected the mixed source/presets to fail and the uniform source/presets to succeed.  Wrong.  End result was that everything exported as one would hope, error free and all without pre-rendering the timeline.


                      So, go figure.  I guess I can only assume that there was some kind of hiccup/corruption in my original project file that prevented the audio from exporting like it should.  I am never comfortable with that answer though.  I need everything to make sense if I am going to sleep at night.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        You are correct about the 44.1KHz files. PrPro seldom has any issues working from that Sample Rate, though it can struggle with MP3's. These can contain other stuff, and some of that can cause issues. Other than tiny SFX files, I always convert all MP3's to PCM/WAV. That does not restore the loss of the MP3 compression, but removes the likelihood of issues with the files. I set my conversion Sample Rate to 48KHz and the Depth to 16-bit.


                        Now, when Importing Audio, PrPro will need to Conform the files, converting to 32-bit Floating Point and generating the PEK files for Waveform Display. This can take some time, depending on what one is feeding the program, and one should wait for the little blue progress bar at the lower-right of the GUI, before doing any editing.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          I understand your discomfort. I also like to know the "why," so that I can amend my workflow so that it is as close to perfect, as is possible.


                          Not sure that CS4 is any more critical, than previous versions, but PrPro CAN be critical of Assets. That is why I also picked up a copy of PrElements, which is much more lenient, especially with "consumer" Assets.


                          In your Assets list, the only thing that I see as a potential is the MP3's, but maybe they are too easy a target. Still, many have had big issues, starting with Import, but going through to Export. I just use Audition to convert to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit, but the free audio editor, Audacity, can do it too, as can myriad other audio and conversion programs. As mentioned above, this is my standard workflow, with the exception of tiny SFX files, which I do not bother with. To date, I have never encountered an issue.


                          Good luck,