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    Does the client need to install Contribute to edit their website?

    Cherry Magda

      I have recently started out in the website design world (feeling VERY much like Alice!), and am trying to get my head around CMS.


      Starting to explore Contribute/Joomla/Wordpress and although I  understand the manipulating templates/coding part of things, how does  the CMS process work?

      As in, at which point do you, the developer/designer, put into use Contribute, or Joomla etc for the client, and then how does the customer use it? Do they have to install Contribute at their end?

      I am about to start a website for a client with a face-painting business who wants a simple 3-page  site (home, gallery, contact), and wants to be able to update the gallery page. How do I start  with Contribute or Joomla? I have tried to wade  through the mountains of info I found online, but can't seem to find the BEGINNING!


      Thanks in anticipation!



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          Hey Magda,


          I use Joomla myself, and about 2 years ago I felt the same way you do. I didn't understand how the CMS part of web design works. I do not know how Contributor works, but I know that in Joomla anyone can sign into an administrative "backend" where you can log in right in the web browser and edit articles and information.


          So basically (in Joomla) if your website is www.genericexample.com, you would go to your web browser and type in www.genericexample.com/administrator. This will bring you to a login form, and after you log in you will be at an interface where you can edit your website content without even touching HTML or CSS. It's all WYSIWYG (but it does let you directly edit the HTML and CSS if that is what you want to do).


          In Joomla you can add users and give them passwords so that your clients can update their website after you have completed it and moved on.


          The interface is very simple to use.


          Kind regards,