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    Adding sound files

      I can't believe I spent money on an application that willnot let me have audio on my site. Help please! Lou
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          In order to upload any file except webpages, you can use the File --> Publish file from My Computer option. Choose the mp3 file or wav file from your computer. Once done, choose the site to which you want to upload the file. Then go ahead and publish the file.

          Hope this helps.
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            Hi lantosh,

            What is the version of contribute you are using?

            Contribute supports uploading audio files to your site for sure ...

            This is how it works:

            1. Create a connection to your site
            2. Choose File->Publish File From My Computer, Choose the audio file on your computer and click ok
            3. Select the site to which you want to publish the audio file (if you have multiple connections) And click ok.
            4. Publish the file

            If you want to create a new page and create a text containing link to the audio file you can still do so.

            1. Create a website connection to your site if you already dont have
            2. Create a new web page
            3. Type some text (say Audio file), select text and click Link->File on My Computer, Choose the Audio file. click ok.
            4. This way you can create a link to audio file on your web page and publish the web page where you can keep track of the audio file lists.

            (Contribute Team)