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    CSS file name not appearing accurately


      Dear Dreamweaver Forum,


      To sort of give you a context of what I've been doing, I've been following Garrick Chow's Dreamweaver CS3 tutorials through Lynda.com.

      Specifically, I'm currently studying chapter 7 Typography.


      I tried on my own to save a CSS style sheet.

      It seems no matter what I do I am not able to get the CSS panel in Dreamweaver CS3 to save a style with the name I give it in the Save As dialog box.

      Below is a 5-step walkthrough of what I'm talking about with two questions in blue after step 5:


      Step 1:

      Here I have a situation in which I would like to take the style currently in the CSS Styles panel <style> and turn it into an external style sheet I can use with my other .html pages.





      Step 2:

      Therefore, I used shift + click and selected all the selectors (or should I call them “rules”?) in the CSS panel.

      I then right-clicked and selected “Move to External Style Sheet”.  I then get this resulting dialog box:





      Step 3:

      I want to create a new style sheet and so I click the radio button next to “A new style sheet”:





      Step 4:

      I navigate to my ch7_typography root folder and, in the “Save As” field I type “styles.css”:






      Step 5:

      The problem is that after hitting the Save button, Dreamweaver saves the css file not as “styles.css” but as “untitled.css”.


      My question is why did it do that?
      My other question is how can I get Dreamweaver to save the .css file as “styles.css” or “whatevername.css”
      I choose to give to it?