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    Using windows snipping tool to take screen shot?

    head spin Level 1

      I was surfing around the forums and I ran across discussions on how to do screenshots (screen capture) to send in for you guys to look at. For example taking a shot of GSPOT and sending it in (attaching?) Some of the methods sounded complex and I was wondering if there was a problem using Snipping Tool. Some of the other forums talk about it and I looked at some of the attachments but I don't know what I am looking for. I never could figure out paint and there are bunches of free screenshot goodies on the internet.I didn't even want to wade through that stuff.


      I use the snipping tool to take pictures of colums in my hard drives so I can print out and mark off which videos I gave to which family members and I thought it was pretty simple. But I only saw 2 posts in PE forums where anybody had mentioned it. Is this not a good thing to send in to you guys? I didn't know if you had tried it but it sounds like something I can comprehend. I haven't needed to send one in yet but figure its coming. Thanks

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There are dozens of tools available for taking screen caps, head.


          But you don't need to use any if you don't want to. Just press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard. This takes a picture of your computer desktop and saves it to your pasteboard. You can then paste it into Photoshop Elements (Ctrl+v) or any other graphics program, crop it as needed and save it as a JPEG.


          This is how I (and most other software instructors) create illustrations for my books.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Screen Capture shots are very helpful. The Windows 'snip' tool is fine for quick screenshots such as GSpot output. But I don't find it that great for annotating the image.


            There are probably as many pieces of screen capture software as there are program developers. It has always seemed to me that budding programmers cut their teeth on four projects:


            • Pong
            • Text Editor (always described as "better than notepad" - but rarely combining ease of use with functionality).
            • Calculator
            • Screen Capture


            My primary screen capture tool is HardCopy (free and paid versions available). A German product, it has an inbuilt link to the business enterprise software "SAP" that was my day job until having to give up work.


            On occasion I use the following:


            • MWSnap (free, suits most peoples needs)
            • SnagIt (commercial product, some clients had this as their primary tool they wished their consultants to use.)
            • Windows ( [PrtScr] captures the screen, [Alt][PrtScr] captures the window. Paste it into PowerPoint or Word and annotate away.


            At the moment I have two other applications I'm checking out because, like Snagit, they can capture info from scrolling windows).



            If this is not enough choice, go to my favourite freeware software site Nonags.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Steve, Head Spin,


              Though I have various tools, I use the PrtSc key (on my laptop, I have to use Ctrl+PrtSc), to get the image into the Windows Clipboard.


              Then I go to Photoshop (my image editing program), and Ctrl+V into a New Image. I Crop, and add text, arrows, call-outs, etc., as is needed, and then Save_As JPEG. Here, I choose the Photoshop JPEG setting of 9, to get a smaller file, but with clarity.


              I have found some issues with the Adobe forum's image attachment function, the little "camera," with longer file names that have spaces, so I have taken to using the underscore, like in the old days, before OS's could use spaces. I'll end up with names like Audio_Mixer_PrE.JPG. These always work 100%.


              Now, one could use the little image utility, MS Paint, but I have to admit that I have not even seen that, since about Windows 2.0, when I got my first mouse. Probably a good little program, and it's sitting on my HDD, but have just never used it.


              One screen-cap program, that gets a lot of recommendation is Snag-It. I've not used it. Once had Hijack (or similar name), but that was years ago. ThumbsPlus also has a screen-cap utility, but Clipboard (PrtSc/Ctrl+PrtSc) and Photoshop works so well for me, that I do not look further.



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                head spin Level 1

                You guys do really work night and day (or day and night) to respond to the forum. Amazing responses and Nealeh confirmed the plethora of screenshot stuff out there. I have used the print screen function when I tried to use paint but I never could get the screen shot to what I wanted on paper. I don't have any graphics programs (that I am aware of) and don't use PhotoShop Elements or any photo program. I let the rest of the family play with photos and I play with video. I have enough stuff to make my head spin just trying to learn PE7. I wish my head could grasp computer logic but it doesn't


                I never even paid attention to computers until 2 years ago when all the VHS tapes I had started to gang up on me. I know there are people out there who like me bought PE7 and are way over their heads. I wish Adobe had a 3 stage PE7. Stage 1 button for Dummies. Stage 2 button for Intermediate. Stage 3 being the whole package as it is now. After you learn the basic buttons you can add more bells and whistles. Sorry I got off the subject, but the Snipping tool seems so simple. When people have sent you a screen shot with the snipping tool how does it look? Or have you guys sent one into the forum to see how it looks?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I am not familiar with the Snipping Tool, and as mentioned, have not used Paint in many decades.


                  For an image editing program, that is free and gets great reviews, you might want to look into Gimp. It is a powerful editor, and some PS users like a few of its features over those of PS. Again, I have never used it, as I have had PS from the first day that it hit the PC and have never needed much beyond its capabilities - for the additional work, I have used Painter (now Corel), but it's a "natural media" paint program, and PS is a more full-featured image editor. That is similar, but different.


                  As a plug for Adobe, our hosts here, many love Photoshop Elements, and find it easier to use, than PS. Again, a program that I have never used.


                  I'm kinda' "old school," and when I find a workflow, or a program that works for me, I tend to use that and just learn 100% about it. Others adhere to the "program du jour" philosophy, and will experiment with everything that comes down the pike.


                  As for the "around the clock" aspect of this forum, it pays that some many users live around the globe. Neale is in the UK, Steve in WI, USA and I am in AZ, USA, so when one is sleeping, or busy, there is likely another who is awake and posting. Neale hits the late night posts from the West Coast, USA, when Steve and I are likely elsewhere. Add in the dozens of others (do not recall where ATR is located, but I think the US East Coast), and then there are the Asian subscribers, the Eastern Europeans and the rest. This forum is pretty close to 24-7.


                  Good luck,