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    flash builder no longer builds the entire workspace?




      i've used flex builder, and now flash builder for years.

      and i have never quite seen anything quite like this, and can't seem to understand why more people aren't experiencing the same problem.


      the problem being,

      i have come to expect and rely on, the fact that when my project space shows no build errors,

      and i click the 'debug' or 'run' button,

      i expect, flash builder to save all of my open files, recompile the entire workspace, and reflect all of my code changes.


      at the top menu,

      i have always had the 'project->build automatically' option checked,

      but the problem persists even when i manually tell flash builder to 'build all'.



      it's as though the builder thinks it has compiled all the recent changes to the code,

      even if the files have been changed and saved. ... or even if all of the code is removed.



      i've done a number of things to try to test and work around the problem.

      it is persistent both in flash builder beta 2 stand alone, and using the eclipse plugin running on a macbook pro.


      the only thing that helps, is moving the entire code into a new project,

      and running from there, as it then builds the entire workspace.

      ... but this is impractical in actual use, as it would be incredibly painful to keep moving the source code to a new project each time i wanted to compile changes to the code.



      i haven't narrowed down what is causing the problem.

      it's a new phenomenon, as i had been using the beta flash builder beta 2 for a few weeks prior to the problem occurring.


      it's only recently been manifesting now that my project has become larger,

      and has started relying more heavily on flash builder 2's incredibly convenient interfacing between,

      flash builder, zend, php services, apache / mysql (the latest xampp installation).

      ... i really would prefer not to downgrade to flex builder 3 and amfphp, as i love the new php services features incorporated in flash builder.



      i have a theory that it started when i had multiple projects referencing the same php services, using the flash builder's built-in zend integration.

      i also upgraded zend to the latest version.



      has anyone seen this before? ... i have been tearing my hair out over this ...

      any help would be greatly appreciated.



      thank you for your time.