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    Is this normal memory behavior?




      I'm using Flex 3.4 and AIR 1.5, and I'm trying to figure out if the memory usage in my application is normal.  I've spent tons of time trying to optimize it.


      Anyway, I lower the framerate heavily when the application isn't active, but when it is, I'm running at the standard framerate of 24.  In the first case, when it is active, and running at 24 fps, it steadily uses memory at almost .4mb/second, and once the garbage collector runs, it drops back down to about where it was, but every time it does this it looses a few K of memory.  I feel like this shouldn't be happening.  When this is happening, I have static display objects on the screen, and I do have two timers running.  Can the timers be causing this?  I also have an object that is created every 60 seconds, that performs a task using an HTTPService, but the memory profiler indicates that this object is properly wiped 100% from memory.  The profiler also indicates that it isn't loosing the memory like it actually is, so maybe I shouldn't trust it...  Also, this behavior persists even when I lower the framerate to .01 fps, but it just happens much more slowly and less noticeable.  Also, maybe I'm going crazy, but it seems not to exhibit this behavior when ran in the debugger.  It goes up the same way, but then comes back down to the same value...


      If anyone could shed any light on this I would greatly appreciate it.