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    Can a custom object read from disk contain an XMLListCollection?


      (New to posting, apologies if I don't follow protocol or explain myself clearly.)


      I'm working on a Flex AIR app which saves and reads custom objects to disk.

      I have the object, "UserVO" which I can successfully save and retrieve using FileStream.writeObject and  FileStream.readObject.

      I'm using the [RemoteClass] metadata tag, inserted before the class definition, and registerClassAlias() in my data-retrieving class. I am able to save and retrieve various String and Number properties of my custom "UserVO" objects.


      My problem is that I also want to give my UserVO class a property called "diary" which is an XMLListCollection.  However, when I attempt the load (using readObject), I get the error: TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert Object@d55ad09 to mx.collections.IList.

      In the Debugger, upon loading the UserVO object, I can see that "diary" exists as an XMLListCollection and that "diary" holds an XMLList as a source,

      but the XML data I thought I saved inside the XMLList is not there.


      Is this some kind of serialization issue where Flex is unable to type certain classes which are properties of custom objects?

      Or am I missing something else?