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    Just need abit of info about air


      Hi All,



      I want to make a app but i am abit unsure how air works. The way i mean is i will have a db on my server with the infomation ( user login details , and posts etc) but if i was to use the db inside air how will the info sync to the main db on my server etc. Also how do you make changing pages inside the air app smoother, i mean i have created a test app but the pages flicker when going onto that certain page, is it possible to use ajax to make the pages smoother while changing pages. My final question is it possible to call scripts from my server with the app itself and view the info in the app instead of the browser.



      Any help will be great



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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          1. You would have to write (or find) code that synchronized the two databases.


          2. I imagine there a number of clever things you can do to smooth or hide page transitions, but I don't have any specific recommendations. There's no magic "makePageLoadingSmoother" flag.


          3. Yes, you can use XmlHttpRequest or URLLoader to make HTTP requests.