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    proxy file edit ?

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      Hi !


      Im using CS3 and am hoping for some suggestions , tips etc regarding an edit I'd like to try soon...


      I am thinking of editing a video from VOB files (renamed mpeg they  open in CS3 fine - and with some fooling around I get sound files on the  timeline in sync too...)


      The original material is on DV mini tape but the  guy that has that tape can't capture right now and upload to FTP for me  to get...4 hours worth...ugh...


      Sooo, can I use the VOB files , do my edit,  then later on bring in the ( HUGE bytecount ) captured video ( split to  closely represent the 1.4 gig VOB file lengths ) and paste the  attributes of the edit into the new files ???


      Basically use the VOB files  like proxy files for the edit and then bring in the better quality  captured video later ?


      Any special tricks / tips ?   Source materials in  different locations OK or do they have to be in same folders for less  problems with inheriting attributes ?


      Thanks !



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          You are going to have trouble, when it comes time to replace the MPEG-2's with the AVI's. Now, you can certainly do a "practice" edit, but when the time comes to "swap" Assets, it will be some extra work. I do not know of a workflow that would help, but maybe another can guide you.


          Though written for AVCHD material, this ARTICLE might have some useful tips - or maybe not. I also think that OzPeter wrote this for PrElements, but in general, things should be similar enough, as to make sense to you for CS3. I have not read everything here, as I do not use AVCHD material to start with. Let us know if anything in it is helpful to you.


          Good luck,




          PS - now, one thought would be to convert your MPEG-2's to DV-AVI, with names that make perfect sense to you. Edit those DV-AVI's, and then when you get the tapes Captured to DV-AVI, use the same file names, as what you chose for the conversions. Be sure to do a Save_As, or Save_As_a_Copy from your proxy Project (very important), and then shut down PrPro. Go to Windows Explorer, and Move your converted MPEG-2 to DV-AVI files to another folder. Then, Copy the Captured files to that original folder, the one that you just Moved the original Assets from. Since the files have the same name and the same AVI specs, you might get lucky - or things might blow up in your face. That is why I want you to do a Save_As. If things do go south, you can just replace those proxy files into the original source folder. Be sure to X your fingers on this. The biggest potential problem will be that the Captured DV-AVI's will be different enough from the files that you were using in proxy, and PrPro just lets out a big sigh and retires for the night.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Dont think the mpeg to avi thing is going to work. Best is to edit the mini dv footage.

            Best is also to keep everything in the same main folder, can save a lot of headache.

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              I was afraid that you'd say that. I was hoping that you, or Colin might have some neat little "trick" for Rod. The proxy-thing is just not something that PrPro is really set up to do.


              With the exception of one thought that I shared, my feeling is just as yours is.





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                Thanks Bill, Ann,


                Ann is right ...the mpeg to avi is not happening, tried yesterday.


                Did a test on 1 vob file, all the way through burning a new DVD with that one vob file...to test quality, workflow etc...


                I rename the vob mpeg and it goes right into CS3 ( video only ) and looks way better in CS3 than the DVD looked....

                Also looks better than just playing the VOB file in classic media player and QT..oddly enough...


                Converting to AVI using ( Bill, this will crack you up ) digital media converter ( which I got due to your mentioning it works well for you ..hehe..) gave me a file that looked real crummy and also had the big blurry words " please buy this product" on every frame.   Took an hour to do that....remember how charlie brown goes " AAAAAAAAAAAA" in the snoopy cartoons ???  That was me !


                Anyway, went to streamclip and converted to AVI...and put into CS3...and guess what ???  It was just the sound !  haha....

                Another surprise ....the sound matched perfectly with the mpeg ( renamed VOB) and is in sync !


                So, strange but true I got the clip into CS3 and now it looks better than the DVD ....as stated...


                I exported as DVD NTSC high quality and got my m2v files....titles looked bad to begin with on DVD and looked even worse now...but they were trash to begin with....but the video looks BETTER than the DVD still.....I compared side by side etc....


                Then I burned the DVD and lost a little , but it's as good if not better ( I think its better )...so I'm kinda happy about the test.


                This video is a safari and I thought it was just some thing where a bunch of hunters, maybe 5 ...go on a safari together with a guide, etc...but it's WAY better than that...and is sell-able...can be sold for broadcast....cable , whatever...

                It's one guy on the safari and it's just amazing...found that out around the middle of watching the 4th VOB out of 6 VOB's...haven't looked at them all yet...


                So I would need to rent a deck for the tape capture and get 2 external  (esata) drives, maybe another computer even, to do this right...and I can't do that right now, and certainly not on a pro bono basis which is what I'm doing right now...  soooo, I'm mulling all this stuff and thinking, and this question re: proxy edit was one of those things.....hoping for some kinda miracle solution sorta....


                Anne is right though, I have to do the tape thing...   just can't do that now with a guarantee it will work on my computer and without spending for the drives.



                Thanks ...


                I have another question...which I bet I know the answer to already...


                Does adobe have a professional " help " department for people who use their software for broadcast work , maybe that you can buy ?  Like real pro help ??


                Thanks again...



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                  Does adobe have a professional " help " department for people who use their software for broadcast work , maybe that you can buy ?  Like real pro help ?


                  Well, Adobe does sell T/S packages, but I am not sure of the level of that help. Because the majority of the subscribers here are pros, doing all sorts of different types of Projects, I think that one is likely to get more help here, or on the Creative Cow forum, than from any paid T/S package, but do not know that for fact. Maybe others have used it, and can report.


                  Going back many years, a client of mine was getting started with Photoshop and Illustrator. Her office got her the full-paid support package. In short order, she gave up (this was back when India was still part of the United Kingdom, I think) and asked me to do a series of "lessons" for her. She even had me set up her programs (had to sneak me into her office at night, when her IT department was closed), for use. That episode did not speak too well for the paid T/S. Now, I am sure that they helped with real problems, but just not anything related to "how-to."


                  Good luck,



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                    Darnit....sorry.....I meant to give Ann the correct answer and Bill the helpful answer and just as I clicked the screen scrolled or something and it went the other way around...


                    heh, amongst friends that's not too terrible...  THANK YOU BOTH !

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                      Maybe Ann will forgive you? Remember, it is the "thought" that counts. If I could, I'd send the extra 5 pts. to Ann. I've been getting a bit of that jumping/scrolling in the forum lately. Go to click on a thread, and boom! things jump a line, or two. Also, the fora have been hanging up over the last few days. Others have commented on it in the Forum Comments forum. Probably some Jive update to the forum software. Hope the fix things, and not break things.


                      Good luck,