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    Known Issues/Bugs and Workarounds

    Ethan Rom

      Apart from the current slowdown with the rendezvous service, I'm curious if there's a running list of Stratus bugs.

      I'm not looking for jira access, but maybe it would be useful to have a thread listing the most common issues and workarounds?

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          just to clarify: "Stratus" *is* the rendezvous service.  it currently has one known issue: the slowdown caused by unexpectedly high usage, which we are working to remedy by provisioning a more appropriate network zone for UDP traffic and by buying faster server computers.

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            Ethan Rom Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.


            I didn't mean the rendezvous service.

            I mean issues associated with building p2p flash apps using stratus and the new flash player 10.1 apis.

            This could encompass common bugs/issues with rendezvous service, NetGroup, Object Replication, rtmfp, firewall issues,etc.


            For example, being able to detect when a peer has disconnected is essential to any p2p app, but there is not explanation of how to do this in the docs.

            I don't mean that as a complaint.

            This is where this forum can begin to fill in some gaps.