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    How to avoid re-compressing?

    brettr2 Level 1

      I've compressed three movies from .mov to mp4 files using H.264 in progressive.  I want to now combine them.  Since they are already compressed, how do I output them in HD without further reducing their quality through compression?


      If the three files are:


      - fileA 100MB

      - fileB 100MB

      - fileC 100MB


      Should the final file be 300MB or less if I don't add any more compression?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Instead of trying to work with the Exported files, I'd go back to the Sequences in PrPro, and Import those. Depending on how your Project was structured to begin with, say one Project with three Sequences, you could just Import that Project. You will be FAR better, than trying to edit previously compressed material.


          Good luck,