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    Tile List: stops refreshing after 'x' minutes on MAC os


      Hi All,


      I am new to flex and have built an Agent monitoring system. It basically Polls an xml file for a status update for an agent every second. And based on the xml file displays an icon associated with that status. The tile itself includes and icon and the agents name. Simple enough. I deployed this applicaition as an Adobe Air Application. The applicaitons runs great on windows. The prolbem I am facing that 2 fold.


      1)  When the applicaiton first loads, the applicaiton does not seem to have focus, and when the autoupdater tries to update it just flashes and the update window disappears. A work around has been to click inside to force the focus so the update will catch it. This one is strange to me.


      2) The tile list will not refresh if the applicaiton loses focus for a varrying amount of time. The tilelist seems to stop refeshing the icons and the events associated with each tile do not fire. I have tested the services to ensure that the applicaiton is not losing connection to the server. It seems to be localized to the MAC OS as i can run the applicaiton for an 8 hour work day and the applicaition workd fine on a windows based system, but stops working on the MAC side.


      For issue one I have tried setting the focus to an element within the a form in the application, but alas this does not fix the autoupdater. I am at a loss on issue 2. Unless there is a way to force the applicaiton redraw the tile list when focu is regained. Any help is appreciated.


      And i apologize if this is in the wrong forums. As this applicaiton is 99% flex and 1% air i thought this was the most appropiate.