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    Laptop with HDMI *Input*?

    Joker B Level 1

      ...I was looking for one about a year ago, came up zilch. But I don't track these things perfectly, maybe there have been later developments?


      A laptop with HDMI-in would be so, so useful as a capture station, external monitor (for camera, playback, etc), or for quick rough edits.... does one exist?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you find a notebook with at least 4 internal hard disks @ 7200 RPM on a raid0 that is still luggable without breaking your back AND has sufficient battery power to last over 1.5 hours, you are very lucky, but that is the only and least notebook that makes any sense for HDMI input.


          HDMI is only for VIDEO transmission, not for DATA transmission. If you want to lose all metadata like exposure, shutter speed, timecode, date and time stamp, go ahead. If your HDMI chip is physically located AFTER the DSP chip, you won't get any benefit at all, and this is nearly allways the case in consumer cameras. You only lose. HDMI is a poor man's HD-SDI because of the flimsy connector, the limited cable length and the lost data rate during compression. If you use HDMI after recording, all you do is lose. Lose all the metadata and will not gain you anything in quality.


          There are numerous notebooks with HDMI input (I have one or is it only for output, I have to check that) but it never crossed my mind to use that for ingest. Far from it. NEVER.

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            Joker B Level 1

            I'd guess I better throw away my cameras with HDMI out, then.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              As I said, HDMI is great for connecting to a TV for watching, but not for DATA transfer which you need for editing. If the camera is tape based, use firewire, if it is card or disk based, ordinary file copy is best.