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    Library preview cannot be displayed

    Alex Hammerstein

      Hi When i create a new project and have some slides within, I have the Library window ticked, but a message saying that the Library preview cannot be displayed, and no assets are listed in the library list.


      Can someone explain how to get these items being displayed?



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          travelinrad Level 2

          If this is a new project, and you haven't added any assets yet (Images, Audio, Media, etc), then the library will be empty.  Items like Text Captions and other objects you insert into your slides don't show up in the library, only external assets as described above.


          Hope this helps.



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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Sorry Randy, if there are backgrounds in the slides, which is always the case if you did capture to create the slides, the backgrounds show up in the library. It seems to me not quite correct to say that only external assets are showing up in the library.


            Even in a project with only a blank slide, it should be possible to show the library; it will contain only folders at that moment. It is possible to import to the Library, so I do not understand why this cannot be shown, never heard about this issue.



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              travelinrad Level 2

              You're correct, sorry I didn't communicate that more clearly.  I was looking at the angle of a new blank project (even if it had a few slides already with objects but no backgrounds created), not a recorded project which would immediately have backgrounds present in the Library.  My bad!   The way I read the original question led me to believe the library was visible, just empty, therefor no previews were available.


              Thanks for helping me clarify! 

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                Alex Hammerstein Level 1

                Hi Both


                thanks very much for your posts and help - it is very much appreciated.


                i really dont know what caused the issue - I have created 15 other projects with no problem.  in the end I put it down to some form of corruption, and recreated the project again - happily is was only 6 slides, and i hadn't done the hard bit - the voice over.


                I use a Mac, and run Captivate through a virtual Windows, and in the past this has caused odd issues. 


                Once again, thanks for your help on this issue  - onward and upward