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    Autorecovery by FC crash?




      Since I really think FC is a perfect addition for me, it seems to be chrashing every 30 seconds or so. I don't think it has anything to do with my computer performance or anything, and although I realize it's still in beta 2 version I still annoying to work in this manner.


      On top of that, I was almost ready with finalizing my FC file (fater countless crashes) when it crashed again while it was saving the file. Hence, it was impossible to open my FC file again... So which means I have to look forward to another countless crashes and start all over again.


      However, is there any autorecovery option available so that I can continue to work in my file? I assume this is not possible, but hey, rather ask than spend another month of work.




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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee



          Can you give us any more information about the crashes you're experiencing?  Beta 2 should not be crashing that frequently.  Does your OS bring up a message box with a "Details" button?  If so, please send us the text you can see there.  If not (assuming you're on Windows), please look in the Catalyst application folder for any files named hs_err_pidXXXX.log.  If you find any, please send those to us.


          As for auto-recovery... if Catalyst had a temporary copy of your project saved, it should offer to recover that copy when you next launch after a crash.  If you don't see a message the next time you launch, then there aren't any temporary copies saved.  Since these temporary copies may be incomplete or damaged, I recommend you use Save As and save under a different filename so you still have your earlier original as a backup.


          And as always, be sure to manually save your work frequently -- that's the best defense against any program (or your whole computer) crashing.


          - Peter

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            Art_Of_WAR Level 1

            One issue I had with multiple crashes was external hard drives. If I run FC without any external drives it runs really well, if the drives are hooked up it crashes regularly and often.



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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              We're not aware of any issues involving external hard drives.  Can you please check for crash logs and your system and send them along to us?


              Here are more detailed steps for finding these logs:


              Location -- the same folder as the Catalyst executable (usually C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Catalyst)

              File -- named "hs_err_pidXXXX.log" (where "XXXX" is some number)



              Location -- /Library/Logs/CrashReporter or ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter

              File -- name starts with "java"


              If the modification date of any of these files matches a time when you were using Catalyst, please send them to us so we can investigate further.




              - Peter

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                tommydutch Level 1

                Thanks Peter and Typolonyc for your replies.


                It seemed that FC was crashing so many times due to the fact I was working from a file saved on my external harddrive, as Typolonyc already suggested. I then proceeded to copy all my files to my harddrive, and had no more crashes whatsoever. So it seems this was the cause for all of this, looking back this also makes sense.


                Yep, I remember occasionaly getting a dialog box with a details button like you mentioned, but in all honesty can't remember what it said (since now FC doesn't crash anymore, sofar at least). In case I get one again I will let you now. I made a .rar file with all my hs_err_pidXXXX.log files but have no idea on how to attach it in this post. Perhaps you can let me know how to do this, thanks.


                I should have saved under several names along the way, but only did that twice. Although most of the time offering me to recover the unsaved file when relaunching, sometimes this simply wasn't the case. In my particular case FC crashed while I was saving (bad timing) so the file was not complete preventing me from opening it.


                Anyways, thanks for your help. By the way, any idea on when the official release of FC will take place?




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                  Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee



                  Please email the collection of log files to me.  My email address is pflynn (at adobe.com).


                  As for the release date: we're shooting for the first half of this year -- which would be within the next few months.


                  - Peter

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                    tommydutch Level 1



                    The files are on their way!


                    Good to hear the release is planned within the next couple of months, looking forward to it.


                    Again, thanks for the help.



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                      Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                      Tom, it looks like your attachment didn't make it past our spam filters.  Could you try one of these options:

                      1. Send as a .zip attachment

                      2. Send the individual .log files

                      3. Share the .rar with me via Acrobat.com rater than emailing it


                      Sorry for the extra steps, and thanks again for helping us to track down this problem!


                      - Peter

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                        wadedwalker Level 3

                        What kind of computer are you using and what OS? The crashing could be a number of factors such as: amount of RAM, CPU, number of states in the project. One of the biggest things that I personally think make Catalyst crash and slow down, is having a lot of states in multiple components and lots of transitions between those states. The best thing to do right now is to have as few states as possible and to break up one component with 6+ states to two components with 3 states if possible. Other things that can contribute to crashing/slowdowns is having a large number of vector objects. Especially if said vector objects have animations attached to them. Thats where the "Optimize Vector Graphics" option in the right-click menu comes into play. If you have used Flash Professional at all, its basically creating a MovieClip(or Sprite or Graphic symbol), sticks the vector object in it, and (in Flash terms) turns on the CacheAsBitmap property of the MovieClip. So in the end your vector object is now treated as a Bitmap.


                        As for the crashing/recovery. I work on a Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.2 and every time I have re-opened Catalyst after a crash by clicking the Reopen button in the Crash Report window that pops up after a crash, it has asked me if I want to recover my project. Sometimes it recovers the project exactly as it last was and sometimes its 10 minutes worth of work lost. But thats better than an hours worth of work


                        Hope this was helpful.