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    Drag/drop from list to another type of container




      I have made some tests with drag between lists and datagrid, with text/words/items/images etc..

      But that is not what I need.


      need a list with fx. 12 names and the ability to drag and move one name at a time to 12 different labels..
      or another suitable container. List is a bad choise to drag to, since I can drag more than one name to a
      list (or can I prevent that?).


      Bottom Line. How do I make a drag/drop scenario with a list with names (strings) and
      the abillity to drag them to X locations one at a time.. I a location already has a name the drop will not be posible.

      And here comes the tricky part, I would like to have the abillity to move the names around the 12 labels..


      Which containers shoul I use and what will be the right approch? Hope someone can help.


      Thank you.