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    resizing from xml


      I'm loading in external images from XML, but they are coming in way too big; i have resized the actual images to the size i want them yet they still come in huge


      function drawItem() {

      coverImage.loadMovie(mediaFolder + currentNode.childNodes[2].firstChild);

      coverImage.width = 600;

      coverImage.height = 300;





      Thats what i have right now, it isn't working; any help?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have resized the images outside of Flash, then you should not need to try to set their size inside of Flash.  If you do want to set their size, you need to wait until they are lloaded, and using loadMovie won't provide any indication of when that happens.  If you use the MovieClipLoader.loadClip() method, you can assign an event listener to determine when loading is complete and have a loadCompletion function proicess the image to the size you need.