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    VOB quality issue

    drpepper687 Level 1

      I saw another question about editing vob files, which reminded me to ask this question as well:


      I have a DVD that I got from someone with several hockey games on it. I am making a hockey highlight reel video, so I want the best possibly visual quality I can get. When I plug the DVD in and watch it on media player for example, the quality almost looks like I am right at the game. However, when I take the vob file off the dvd and import it to Adobe Premiere, then publish the video, it plays with lines and distortion all throughout. It looks nowhere near as good as when you play straight from DVD. The best I could do was rip the dvd and use the ripped video file, which gets rid of the lines and distortion, but the overall quality is not as crisp and clear as, again, playing it straight from DVD. This is extremely frustrating because I have to settle for less and I cannot understand why I just cant have the quality that I see when I play straight from DVD.


      Anyone know how to fix this issue? I've even tried screen capture programs in desperation to get the quality I want from the DVD...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          VOB's are a delivery format, not intended for editing. They are heavily compressed and editing them and exporting them again causes another compresion to occur, causing further quality hits. Nothing can be done about that, apart from starting with the original footage.

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            drpepper687 Level 1

            So there's no way to actually get the visual quality I see when I play the DVD itself?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Not after editing.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Unfortunately, the only way to do so would be to go to the original footage, prior to its compression to MPEG-2, the format in the VOB. When you edit it, and then output to DVD-Video again, you are recompressing to MPEG-2 a second time.


                It's like printing out a document and then FAX'ing it to your friend. If the machines are good, it probably still looks close to the original. But if he FAX'es it back to you, you can see that it is now no where as good. Pretty much the same thing with MPEG-2.


                Now, were the games taped live, or were they extracted from a TV feed, or similar? If they were taped live, then those are the files that you want. Your edited DVD-Video will be up to the quality of the DVD-Video that you are trying to work from.


                Good luck,



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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5
                  1. Use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD into .m2v and .wav files.
                  2. Import those into Pr and add them to a matching sequence.
                  3. Edit.
                  4. Export to MPEG2 DVD with appropriate bit rate settings, OR
                  5. Export to Lagarith AVI and then import the Lagarith AVI file into Encore for transcoding and disc authoring.


                  Any quality loss should be minimal, but you will have at least some.


                  The trick is to get the Pr sequence to match the ripped footage, and to find the proper encoding settings in Pr.  You'd likely be better off using the Lagarith export and letting Encore's automatic transcoding do the job.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Interesting about Lagarith to En. I use it for transfer footage, but had never thought of it for a source file for En.


                    Thanks for that, Hey, trying to help, I learned something new!



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Go to my notes page http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM


                      Click for the section on editing compressed files


                      There are some links there to programs which CLAIM to edit MPG


                      I have not used, only noted from previous discussions

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                        drpepper687 Level 1

                        Thanks guys, I'll have to try some of those things.


                        As far as getting the source material, I got it from some guy on Craigslist. I put up an ad asking if anyone had footage from the NHL playoffs of a certain year and I stopped by to pick up the DVD. Unfortunately, bothering this guy a second time would be asking too much I think. So, I'll have to unfortunately live with the lower quality unless some of those suggestions above work out.


                        Thanks again.

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                          Level 4



                          That's exactly what worked for me ....in a roundabout way as the avi conversion from streamclip gave me only the sound file, and I just renamed the VOB file MPEG and it looked BETTER in CS3 than the DVD footage...odd...that little " tease "....


                          I can use CS3 to adjust highlights blown out and all that..and actually make it BETTER than the original in the long run..with a bit of work...but this is all a workaround..and Ann was absolutely right on re: her simple statement ( and the facts of life )...." capture the tape "   ( in my case )...or " go to the source " in this one...


                          But I have to say I am impressed with CS3 ability to be VERY close in this instance to the original quality of the already compressed VOB etc...



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                            drpepper687 Level 1

                            Jeff, I'm almost tempted to send you the DVD I'm working with if you have had success getting as good or better quality footage from the vob/

                            dvd files...

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                              Level 4

                              I"m just new at this compared to these pros...but the VOB ( video object

                              file ) is just a name...an overall " wrapper " and can contain any number of

                              DVD authored file types and characteristics...some better than others..


                              My recent " success" to not lose a ton of quality is probably an

                              anomoly....and you can't depend on that to be the same result with any other

                              VOB file...it's a generic sorta thing...the term VOB....

                              I put mine into Gspot and got lucky to get video out of my VOB by renaming

                              but it isn't always that simple...and I had NO SOUND...

                              I got lucky a second time by converting to AVI and   (this cracks me

                              up....hehe  ) although I thought I was getting a video and audio file out of

                              it...I just got the AUDIO...


                              then I got lucky a 3rd time and when I put that audio file into my timeline

                              with the renamed VOB , they were the same length...in sync...


                              This is NOT your fault or something..it's not like you are doing something

                              wrong or something...this stuff is NOT an exact science cause there's so

                              many codecs and stuff (compressions and file types )...nobody knows what's

                              in your VOB file at this point...  ( generally it just doesn't work to

                              compress, extract, edit, recompress into DVD again and get anything except

                              gibberish.... sorry to sound so negative...)




                              im trying to understand this stuff too...and the mpg 2 file in the VOB is apparently the result of the DVD authoring software conversion ....from a number of different formats.....the source before the vob.....and that's the part that's not exact and standardized...etc...know what I mean ?  It's like a series of things going on...to get to the DVD ...and its a " delivery format" to Look Good...but has NOTHING to do with going backwards...back to the original file characteristics before the conversion to vob...



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                                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                If you're serious, please contact me off list.