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    About fps...and selecting Sequence Presets

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      I have had some old (40 yrs) 8mm film converted to a digital format (mov). Now I would like to edit and splice the good bits together. On the properties of the *.mov I find I have DV/DVC Pro -NTS; movie FPS 16; playing FPS 16; data rate 15.35mbits/sec.

      My first problem is picking the "right" Sequence Presets. None of the options seem to have a 16 FPS category. I selected the DV NTSC Standard 32khz. Was this my best choice? It seemed to be the closest..

      My second problem is what format would be best to export it as.. this will eventually go on Facebook and possibly as a video on a personal web site. And.... is there away to extact a single frame as a image (jpg)


      Any advice most appreciated

      Thanks for your time


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          I would look into the Desktop Preset, where you can match all aspects of your MOV files, including the FPS. You will likely go with the Frame Size from the NTSC DV Preset, but you cannot alter the FPS with it. The Desktop allows customization.


          I am curious about the telecining to MOV. First, 18 (silent) or 24 (sound) are the more common FPS, even back to 8mm (split-16mm). Also, most professional telecine shops will adjust the FPS to 29.97, or 30 for NTSC work, and 25 for PAL. How was the telecining done? Was the original footage at 16 FPS? More curiosity here, and just for my info, what camera shot the 8mm, if you recall?


          Thanks, and good luck,



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            Ralph3616 Level 1

            Thanks Bill for the quick response.

            I see where I can change the FPS in"desktop" > Timebase. There is no option to change it later in that same dialog box under Display Format. The desktop selection also changes the Preview File Format to Microsoft AVI.. I guess.. that is all good??


            I had the 8mm film converted by some guy who has a setup in his basement, found him in the Yellow Pages and I guess he would consider himself to be a professional telecine shop.  However he did not give me an option on framerates.. the subject never came up.. and I did not know there were options. I had  a third of the reels converted and plan to have the others done now that I see there is interesting stuff on them. Speculation was they would all be blank or so dark as to render them useless. Pleasant surprise to find they were not


            As to the model of the camera... I have no idea , US brand, possibly bought from the Sears Catalog I would think and it was old.. predates any option for sound or super which came out much later