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    Mac v. PC


      Looking for people who have experience with PE on both Macs and PC's - hopefully objective people who don't have a big chip on their shoulders about windows lol...


      Questions:  Is using a Mac for Premier Elements REALLYworth the investment?  What exactly are the advantages?  What is the learning curve like for someone with no Mac experience?  How much should I expect to invest?  What specs should I be looking for?


      Thanks in advance...

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is no Mac version of Premiere Elements, Dad.


          Most Macs (iMacs, for instance) come with iMovie installed. iMovie is like a souped up version of Windows MovieMaker. Some people can do all the editing they want to do on it. I hate it.


          In addition to my PC, I run a Mac using Final Cut Express, the Mac equivalent (more or less) of Premiere Elements.


          The good news: Final Cut on a Mac operates virtually bug free and can handle a wide variety of inputs with ease.


          The bad news: It's a professional style video editor -- a scaled down version of Final Cut Pro -- and,  unless you know your way around a video editor, it can be a lot of work to learn.


          But even that said, no matter what anyone tells you, there is no way to compare Macs to PCs -- or Final Cut to Premiere Elements. They're very different environments with very different advantages and disadvantages. It's like comparing a HumVee to a Toyota Corolla. They both have four wheels, they both run on gasoline and they both get you where you're going -- but they offer two very different rides!


          There is no objective answer. It depends on you, what you're comfortable with, how much money you have to spend and what you're ultimately trying to accomplish.

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            NotEnoughHours Level 1

            Thanks Steve - lol, yep - never eve occured to me to check if there was a mac version.  I'm just so fed up with PE

            crashing all the time.  I bought a 1GB graphics card and that really helped, but even so, I probably lose about 20 minutes per hour on average in productivity.  It's not just the actual crash, but the time it takes to reload the program and get back to where you left off.  I have the program to auto-save every two minutes just to cut down the amount of work I can lose...  so frustrating, especially when people tell me how wonderful their Mac is and how it neer crashes.  I've not done enough video work in the past to justify the cost of buying one, but I'm getting close.  I see I need to spend some more time researching...

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Apple sells reconditioned iMacs on their web site for about 25% less than new ones --- even though they're as good as new!


              You can find Final Cut Express on eBay and Amazon for $100-150.


              You can get set up, all in, with a good mid-level reconditioned iMac and Final Cut Express for about $1500.


              And your friends are right. It will most likely run like a top right out of the box. Just be prepared for the learning curve.


              My two cents anyway.

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                NotEnoughHours Level 1

                Steve, do you have any opinion about Premier Elements v. Premier Pro?  Is the pro version more stable?  Is there a big learning curve?


                I've actually just discovered Sony Vegas and although I don't like the studio or platinum versions, I really like the look of Vegas Pro 9.  What REALLY intrigues me is the consistent raving by everyone about how stable it is.  On the downside, I can see a rather big learning curve, and I'm so used to PE... <sign>


                Of course, if it weren't for the fact that PE crashes so freakin' frequently I wouldn't even be having this discussion, but the loss of productivity is just killing me.  Just looking for alteratives...


                Does PE crash for you too - even occassionally?  What does one have to do to get PE to NOT crash?  With the constant moaning on this forum it seems this is such a flawed piece of software...

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I have used PE7 a bit (I use PPro CS3 & Encore CS3 more) and never had a crash on OLD hardware http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM


                  Since you do not describe your hardware, or work flow, it will be hard for anyone to offer any real help


                  How to ask a question http://forums.adobe.com/thread/416679


                  This is aimed at Premiere Pro, but may help
                  A link with many ideas about computer setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/436215?tstart=0
                  And even more hardware discussion http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/hardware_forum

                  Many of the ideas at the next link are generic enough they have helped some Non-Premiere users fix problems
                  Work through all of the steps (ideas) listed at http://ppro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting

                  If your problem isn't fixed after you follow all of the steps, report back with the DETAILS asked for in the questions at the end of the troubleshooting link

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Well, I use PrPro (CS2 Production Studio) much more than my PrE 4. I find PrPro to be very stable, even when dealing with 8+ hour Projects with many 1,000 Assets. However, I also find my PrE to be stable too, but have never pushed it with a major Project, as I have PrPro.


                    Personally, I like the interface and control in PrPro much better than my PrE, but then I come from a cine background, so I found most other NLE's that I worked with first to be rather lacking. PrPro did things, pretty much as I was used to, but with the great power and control of digital.


                    As for the learning curve, I first read the manual through once, mainly to get a handle on the terminology, and the layout. Then, I sat down with a short "test" Project, with my manual, plus Adobe Classroom in a Book PrPro 2.0. I still had to refer to the manual, to refresh my memory of where X was located, and how to do the settings for Y. In about 2 days, I had completed my little edit and output it to DVD-Video. Back with PrPro 2.0, there was a rudimentary authoring function, rather like the one in PrE. Everything was fine, so I picked up Encore, and read its manual. Wow, now this was authoring power. PrPro's was like that of the other NLE's, limited, but easy. Started my Encore Project, went back to PrPro and did Exports of the same files, and then built my Project in Encore. I was astounded at what I could do in Encore with basically the same Assets. I never looked back.


                    Some years later, I picked up PrE 4, as it had better native handling of some "consumer" formats/CODEC's, than did Pro. It actually took me longer to get my head around PrE, though it was closer to the other NLE's, that I had used for years before. One thing that probably hampered me was the lack of a manual. I had not discovered Steve Grisetti's books, or Muvipix and his Learning Series. To circumvent the lack of that manual, I came to this forum, and proceeded to read every post from the beginning of the forum. That was rather like having a manual, and I dove in. Having spent a few years with PrPro by that time, it was difficult using a program that did so much with just one button, as I had grown accustomed to setting everything by hand. Still, I found PrE to be stable, fun and surprisingly full-featured.


                    Now, the above might not be useful to you. I think that much will depend on where one is coming to each program from. Also, one's mindset can play a big role. I am a control freak, and want ultimate control, even if it means handwork. Some users really like automation and Presets, but I hardly ever use them. It's probably been 5 years, since I used a Title animation Preset. I want the control that Keyframes provide me, and do not hesitate to use them, even for mundane things like a simple Roll. That's just how I like to work. Same with Pans & Zooms in a SlideShow. I could never bring myself to use any sort of Random Pan & Zoom, as I view each image as unique, demanding that I address it as such and manipulate my Pans & Zooms differently, than the image to either side of it. Others hate the thought of doing these things by hand, and scream that PrPro does not have any real automation for such Effects.


                    Now, and with many hundreds of completed Projects (both personal and commercial), and going on 2000 DVD-Videos delivered, I have had maybe 5 crashes in PrPro (mostly OE on my part), and one Project error message in Encore. I have had two crashes in PrE 4, but one was when I broke my rule of setting my computer up for an editing session, and was doing too many things on my laptop, with PrE working. The other was pure OE on my part, caused by pressing the wrong button, at the wrong time, forgetting that I was in PrE and not PrPro. Not bad luck, in my book.


                    Again, of little help, as PrPro is now up to CS4, and PrE up to version 8, so both of my programs are much older. Things have changed, and my "oldies" are no longer available. For me, the upgrades did not offer me enough, in the way of features, or power, so I just have stayed with what works so well for me. CS5 will probably entice me to make the jump, but that will be with a new workstation, a new OS (64-bit) and the addition of HD capture and editing.


                    Just my personal observations and reflections,


                    Good luck,



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                      NotEnoughHours Level 1

                      I guess my question was more aimed at the differences between elements and Ppro and (hopefully) any opinions on

                      Vegas Pro, but you are right - I did also ask why my system keeps crashing also.  Here are my specs:


                      HP machine running Windows 7 64bit
                      Intel Core2 Quad  CPU Q8300 @ 2.5GHz
                      8GB RAM
                      1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 graphics card
                      432GB free on a 800GB hard drive


                      I guess I'm at the end of the road - I have gone through a number of threads and tried different things to stop the crashing, all with only limited success.  I use the complete CS4 web suite and just don't get why this program is so unstable when no other program on my machine is.


                      I've worked with PE since version 2, and although I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any measure I have used it a lot and am fairly competant - hence my wondering if the jump to Pro wouldn't be so bad.  BUT if Pro is a LOT more stable, that might be the dealbreaker between keeping or dumping Adobe for Sony...  like I said, Vegas Pro does look awfully tempting, especially since it's apparently ultra-stable, but I'd rather not be dealing with the learning curve when I'm so busy...  but neither can I afford to be wasting 20mins out of every hour because of PE8 crashing.


                      Sorry for the repetition- I appreciate the help...

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                        NotEnoughHours Level 1

                        Thanks Hunt :-)