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    Problems starting PE8 - and the answer to my problem!

    kentRda Level 1

      Hi Everyone,

      The other day, I was having a problem starting PE8... When I started PE8 from the desktop icon, the Welcome Screen would appear, but the buttons which would normally allow a person to: Open a Project, Create A Project, etc., were all shaded out and could not be clicked. In fact the only thing I could do was to Take a Tour!   After taking the tour, I was able to click on a GO button, which then took me into Organizer, rather than into Premiere Elements. Clearly, something was wrong. I completely uninstalled PE8 and removed all instances of PE8 from my Program Files x86 directory. Yet, when I reinstalled PE8, the sympton persisted.


      Here's the answer to the problem I was experiencing:

      After trying to start PE8, over and over, many times, I noticed that right before the Welcome screen began to appear, there was a small (2" X 3") dialog box that said that I did not have any available memory. How could that be?! I have 12GB of memory on my computer! Hmmmm. Wait a minute! I remember that as I entered PE8 in the past, at the bottom of the Welcome Screen, it said that I had/have 2GB of memory for storage available.   So, as I went in to the shaded out Welcome Screen again, I looked at the little bar graph which shows how much storage memory one has available from Photoshop.com.  My bar graph was maxed out!   I then went to photoshop.com (which I have never used at all!) and I logged in with the same login that I used when I registered PE8.  Much to my surprise, someone else's pictures had been dumped into my account/storage on Photoshop.com. I then deleted ALL the pictures that were on my photoshop.com account.  I also changed my login & password.  I logged out of photoshop.com and then (as I had done many times previously) attempted to open up Premiere Elements 8 and IT OPENED AND STARTED PERFECTLY.


      The moral to this story is that:   If you, or (as in my case) someone else maxes out your photoshop.com storage, you won't be able to get into Premier Elements until you either obtain more storage from Adobe, or until you delete things that you have in that storage area.   Note that when you install and register PE8, a Photoshop.com account and gallery area are created for you.   If that account/gallery is ever filled to it's initial 2GB capacity, you won't be able to start PE8 properly.   Likewise, if you can't start/open PE8 normally, then go to photoshop.com, log in, and check to see how much memory has been used on your photoshop account.         


      Last, but not least, know that the memory problem (not having any more Storage Memory available) is NOT a problem on YOUR computer. Rather, it is referring to the amount of Memory/Storage that Adobe gives you for free on THEIR computer.

      Best Regards,